Julie Peindl is licensed psychotherapist and an expert in emotional intelligence. She works with organizations and teams to bridge the gap between the worlds of business and psychology. With over a decade of experience in the fields of psychology and psychotherapy combined with extensive study of the brain, human behavior, emotions, and communication techniques, Julie Peindl is uniquely positioned to bring psychology how-to’s to the business world like no organizational development professional has been able to do. By teaching leaders and teams how to develop self-awareness, how to navigate the emotions of themselves and others, and how to effectively communicate, Julie provides a more in-depth understanding of the key elements organizational development (OD) professionals have been raving about for years but unable to efficiently deliver.

Julie’s career as an OD professional began differently than most. Julie didn’t pursue study or degrees in business or economics. Instead Julie began her career by providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families. She used herself and her clients as case studies to better understand how humans think, feel, and react. After working in the field of psychology for several years, she came across an article for emotional intelligence. Interested in the idea of EI/EQ, she perused the topic to learn more about it and realized she was already an emotional intelligence expert. The philosophies and skills she had been teaching to psychotherapy clients for years were the same ones that the business world was starting to value but seemed to be unable to teach. Julie now works as a coach, consultant, and trainer teaching those philosophies and skills to organizations and teams to create intuitive, strong leaders and healthier, happier work cultures.

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Julie Peindl, couples therapist

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