People are the center at almost everything we do. Our personal lives and professional careers require us to be constantly interacting with others and managing ourselves in those interactions. It’s no wonder that skill sets that involve managing our own thoughts and emotions while effectively communicating with others would be invaluable to us as we navigate our lives.

Organizations are finally recognizing that businesses achieve greater success when their people possess these foundational psychology-based skill sets. As such, tons of money is being poured into learning and development programs, emotional intelligence trainings, and leadership development seminars in an attempt to provide employees with these basic skills. The problem is:

There is a gap in the information. The gap is between the worlds of business and psychology.

I have been studying clinical psychology on both a personal and professional level for the past 15 years. Much of my work has been teaching and training individuals on how to:

  • Develop self-awareness and be mindful of one’s thoughts
  • Manage the of emotions of oneself and others
  • Effectively communicate in professional and personal relationships
  • Practice active listening and empathy
  • Strengthen intuition and integrity

Things like emotional intelligence and leadership development are fantastic ideas…

Organizational Development (OD) professionals and even industrial psychologists are trained on organizational theory, research, consumer behavior, and the basics of human behavior. They often do NOT receive extensive training at the intimate level of teaching individuals how to:

  • manage thoughts,
  • regulate emotions, and
  • navigate the intricate details of effective communication strategies.

That is where I see a gap. Organizations, wanting to successfully train their employees on these basic psychological skills, are continuing to pull from organizational psychology when what they really need is clinical psychology.

What we need to create successful personal lives isn’t different from what we need to create successful careers – the skill sets are the same.

It’s not that OD professionals and and industrial psychologists are wrong. Things like emotional intelligence and leadership development are fantastic ideas, and organizations are greatly in need of them. The problem is that while OD trainers are great at telling you what you need and why you need it, they struggle to tell you how to develop it.

That’s where I come in.

For years now I have been teaching people how to develop the basic, yet crucial psychological skills necessary to be more emotional intelligence in their personal and professional lives. I’ve bene teaching how to develop the skills necessary to to be a more competent leader, manager, spouse, family member, and friend. Because what we need in order to create more fulfilling and successful personal lives isn’t any different from what we need to create fulfilling and successful careers – the skill sets are the same.

We’re at a pivotal point where the success of an organization is boiling down to the essence of each individual inside that organization. As such, we need psychological professionals trained on more than just organizational theory and practice. We need psychological professionals trained in people.

My work is directed at bridging the gap between the worlds of business and psychology. I assist organizations be providing coaching and trainings that deliver the what, why and how in a way that OD professionals and industrial psychologists haven’t been able to do.

If you’re interested in more information about how I can train your organization or team on the skill sets necessary to achieve success, drop me a line here.

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