Below are trainings currently offered to companies, organizations, and other groups:

Emotional Intelligence Trainings

Emotional intelligence is a hot topic in today’s corporate world. Many companies and organizations all over the country are hiring trainers to deliver emotional intelligence trainings to their workforce. The thing is: enhancing emotional intelligence is something that will inevitably affect every aspect of one’s life. Thus, contrary to what others may tell you, developing emotional intelligence in the workplace does not require a unique workplace-related training. A training in emotional intelligence that utilizes workplace-related examples is arguably more substantial, cost-effective, and efficient – that is what I offer.

Unfortunately, most of the companies that offer emotional intelligence trainings employ trainers who are experts in delivering trainings, not in emotional intelligence. They’re not psychologists, psychotherapists, or mind/body experts. They don’t have extensive experience in the field of emotions, interpersonal communication, neuroscience, cognitive science, or psychology. They may have corporate experience, but wouldn’t you want your “emotional intelligence” training to be delivered by an expert and practiitioner in the field of emotions and psychology?

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Mindfulness & Meditation Trainings

Research has spoken, and mindfulness and meditation look like they’re here to stay. Similarly to how the business world has taken an interest in emotional intelligence, many workplace environments have begun to acknowledge the benefits and embrace the practices of mindfulness and meditation. The problem is that very few mindfulness trainers actually have extensive personal experience in cultivating mindfulness and learning practicals ways to develop a meditation practice.

Are you looking for a specialist that can bring mindfulness and meditation to your employees in a meaningful and effective way?

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