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About Julie

More organizations are finally coming around to the understanding that people and relationships are at the center of what ultimately determines how successful a business will be. While some businesses can still make profits from innovative ideas, clever strategies, impeccable timing, or just plain luck, a vital component of an organization’s long-term growth and achievement falls on the general well-being of the people that work in and come in contact with those institutions.

Julie works with organizations and teams to drive professional success by bringing the focus back to people and relationships in a deeper context than is currently being offered to businesses. As a licensed psychotherapist with a background in psychology/sociology, Julie is uniquely positioned to offer organizations and businesses an in depth understanding of people, emotions, and relationships that is often lost on organizational development professionals and industrial psychologists.

My Philosophy

Organizational professionals, industrial psychologists, and MBAs have created a lot of material over the years to address organizational health. Much of this material increasingly points to people and relationships as being compelling determinants in the success of a business. While these professionals continue to lecture about organizations and individuals, a gap in the information has emerged. This gap is between the business world and the psychology world. While business professionals can identify the importance of people, relationships, emotional competence, and self-awareness, they still do not have the ability to effectively teach people how to develop these things. They say leaders and their employees should become more self-aware, more emotionally in tune, and more effective in their communication – but they don’t say how. As a psychotherapist who, for years, has been teaching others how to do these things, I provide organizations with this missing link of how. I work as a bridge between the worlds of business and psychology.


Let’s Work Together

Julie Peindl, LCSW
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