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About Julie

Relationships are central to almost everything we do in life. Whether professional or personal, our relationships with others dominate how successful we are in creating lives that we want and enjoy living. As a result, being able to communicate clearly and effectively with others is a determining factor in what kind of impact we have on our relationships and ultimately, our lives.

Intimate and personal relationships, especially with romantic partners, are riddled with complex layers of communication and meaning. Julie Peindl is a communication and relationship strategist. She assists couples in disentangling themselves from the many confusing layers of expression between partners, enhancing clarity in communication, and regaining trust, intimacy, and respect in their relationships.

My Method

Many of the couples who come to work with me are in deep dissatisfaction with their relationships. Regardless of the specific issues that plague the relationship of a troubled couple, most couples can heal their relationships by tuning into their individual needs, learning how to effectively communicate with one another, and building systems that work to protect and strengthen the partnership. As a communication and relationship strategist, my job is to help you get your relationship to where you want it to be. I advise you and your partner on strategic, action-based steps you can take to rediscover trust, intimacy, and respect in your relationship.

Let’s Work Together

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